Building an Automated Home with Z-Wave in 2014

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Ah, home automation – what an overworked subject. It’s been hot (or not) for 20 years. Truth is, home automation needs to be shelved as a meaningless buzzword that encompasses way too many ideas. As we just bought a new home, I was faced with the challenge of dealing with rewiring it so it matches today’s electrical standards (which is a very versatile concept). Fact is, wiring a home is a nightmare. You need to figure out early on which switch connects to which plug and then embed it deeply into your…read more


Building a drone

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I’m starting to build a drone just for the fun of it (at least for now) and the first parts are finally starting to arrive. It will be a quad-copter and I already got the GPS SiRF Star III, a xbee Pro set for telemetry a Futaba remote control and a few tools (multimeter, LiPo charger…). Can’t wait for the mobo and the frame to arrive !