roll up your sleeves and start hacking

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I’ve had those endless discussions with corporate guys, who basically would not understand life outside a big corporation (along with career plans and such). The most amazing revolution over those 10 last years, is that you know can build anything you want with limited to no budget. Want to build a device? Hack anĀ Arduino Want to build a website? Get a text editor Want to do business globally? Load linkedin Want to build a game? Download Unity Wether you’re an engineer or not, building stuff and hacking your way to…read more

Mobile innovation

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While the smartphone market is structuring around the big OSes that are iPhone, Android, RIM and Windows Mobile, one can wonder where the next powerful ideas will be coming from in terms of killer mobile applications. After the hype with casual games and the usual set of tools (better to-do list, better email client, better… , remotes…), and as the app stores are now super-filled, inventing and promoting relevant mobile application is far from being a breeze. Yet, mobile apps is probably the most growing field in the computer world…read more