SEO, How You Have Changed

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I’ve recently been a part of a few conversations that have made me realize there are a lot of misconceptions about SEO. SEO used to be magic. There’d be guys with magic wands that were able to boost your ranking to the top of Google’s list just by tweaking a few tags here and there in your pages. Some dark wizards pretending to wield such powers still roam the web, but let’s face it, they have largely become extinct – or at least have evolved to become providers of best practices to improve your site as SEO technology has…read more


Google maps indoor comes to France

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Google just announced on their google maps blog that lucky Android users in France (as opposed to sad apple maps users) now have access to indoor maps in a bunch of popular venues : Whether you use indoor maps to view the different departments of iconic French retailers like Galeries Lafayette Montparnasse, or simply to find your way to a fresh loaf of bread at the local Carrefour supermarket, Google Maps for Android can help you explore the great indoors. For a list of locations for which indoor maps are…read more

Is Google 3vil?

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It’s true that sometimes when you think about all the intel google gets on your lives it’s scary – hopefully they don’t really care about your lives themselves and only want the advertisement money.


Google latitude on Android

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Finally managed to have latitude work on my Android phone this costed me a firmware update and a complete factory reset but now it’s working! Basically it’s built right into google maps 3.0 and it’s fairly easy to use : just add friends from your address book and latitude will share with them your position. When on your PC a widget lets you see where they are. Nothing really groundbreaking here – Mobiluck has been doing the same for years now but still it’s nicely implemented and maybe it will…read more