Is Google Glass Dead?!

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I’ve been a Glass explorer for 6 months now. I often get asked “what is Glass good for?” Let’s face it: there is no good answer to that question. Glass is obviously a platform to explore wearable and hands-free computing. From that perspective, the platform is mostly up to the challenge. However, after 6 months in the field, the platform falls short of killer apps that would justify wearing glasses as opposed to simply pulling out a phone. Turn-by-turn direction is probably the only app that really takes advantage of the platform, since…read more


2 Weeks in #Glass

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It’s been 2 weeks since I got into the Google #glass explorer program – and I’ve been trying to wear the tangerine-colored 2.0 glasses as much as possible ever since I got ahold of them. Firstly: why did I get them in the first place? You may have missed this chapter in my personal history, but I worked on a virtual reality project called VR-WEAR some 5 years ago. While the project, which was very much like the Oculus rift but pre-kickstarter, did not get funded at the time (it was just after the…read more