roll up your sleeves and start hacking

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I’ve had those endless discussions with corporate guys, who basically would not understand life outside a big corporation (along with career plans and such). The most amazing revolution over those 10 last years, is that you know can build anything you want with limited to no budget. Want to build a device? Hack anĀ Arduino Want to build a website? Get a text editor Want to do business globally? Load linkedin Want to build a game? Download Unity Wether you’re an engineer or not, building stuff and hacking your way to…read more

How France mis-understands “innovation”

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Over the past few weeks, France has been in a mess regarding the policy to adopt regarding the support of start-ups. The tax privileges have been dismissed but may be on their way back (JEI), and many existing support mechanisms are being reviewed/discussed by the newly born CNN (Numeric National Counsil).That’s fine with me. But they’re not tackling one of the core subject in my opinion. In France we have built a very scholar and elitist vision of what “Innovative” is. And it is utterly wrong. Unfortunately all the support…read more