Chess and running – busy sunday !

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Busy sunday with a chess tournament and the 20km of Paris run. My first real chess competition ( 2h for 30 moves + 1h K.O.) … lost the game in the middle game when I thought that doubling a pawn was worth to let me keep the paca and increase pressure…. 17. d5? was a deadly mistake…. after that move it’s been a fall to hell. The opening did a great job confusing the opponent but he found the proper sequences and kept cool and was very precise in his defense, I…read more


Open Bidouille Camp – aka mini-Maker fair

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Last sunday was the first mini-Maker fair in France, the Open Bidouille Camp. Nice gathering for grown-ups & kids (and many grown ups acting like kids), around makerbots, mindstorm NXTs, kinexts, weird robots and even weirder servers in-a-box.Although I regretted the fat that it’s missing a few central element of the maker fair: awesome DIY kits to buy and build (on-site) as well as a hacker space to find help on personal projects (I have a couple ongoing which could have used some), this first edition was quite successful and…read more

Google maps indoor comes to France

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Google just announced on their google maps blog that lucky Android users in France (as opposed to sad apple maps users) now have access to indoor maps in a bunch of popular venues : Whether you use indoor maps to view the different departments of iconic French retailers like Galeries Lafayette Montparnasse, or simply to find your way to a fresh loaf of bread at the local Carrefour supermarket, Google Maps for Android can help you explore the great indoors. For a list of locations for which indoor maps are…read more

The mobile advertisement puzzle

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I’ve been spending some time in the mobile ad space lately. I’m not an “ad” guy – and indeed I never see the ads on the web and just find them ugly. The only one that work on me are the retargeting ads showing me over and over again that gadget i’m trying not to buy. Anyway back to basics… Why are brands advertising? Brand equity: Let’s be fair, this kind of non-ROI-based advertisement has mostly disappeared from the web. This is the kind of advertisement that was typically used at the…read more

Scuba diving in Lanzarote

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Holidays ! That time of the year where I can finally stop fantasizing about scuba diving and can actually log a few dives. This time we chose a weird scuba destination: the volcanic island of Lanzarote, in the Canary islands. The island was featured in the movie “Broken embraces” by Pedro Almodovar and has been thoroughly staged by the local artist Cesar Manrique creating a one-of-a-kind experience in that otherwise dry piece of land. The diving there is amazing, although the heavy wind and tides may make it a bit tough for…read more

roll up your sleeves and start hacking

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I’ve had those endless discussions with corporate guys, who basically would not understand life outside a big corporation (along with career plans and such). The most amazing revolution over those 10 last years, is that you know can build anything you want with limited to no budget. Want to build a device? Hack an Arduino Want to build a website? Get a text editor Want to do business globally? Load linkedin Want to build a game? Download Unity Wether you’re an engineer or not, building stuff and hacking your way to…read more

Twitter on the move: twitter ads and international

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Looks like things are starting to shake up for Twitter. After growing to 500M users (half of Facebook.. so it must be worth 50B right ?). Anyway today, the long-announced twitter ads program opened up – and I managed to get my way in! Although promoted tweets have supposedly been around for a while for big corporations, I personally never encountered any – maybe I should consider using more the website than clients crawling the Twitter API. The Titter ads for small business are really simple to setup : If…read more

Ksso.net is back from the dead

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After 2 weeks down (the server got hacked and closed without any notice by online.net ) and after looking at low-cost yet feature-full hosting options, ksso.net is finally back online ! I took the opportunity to also clean up the image links in the database (some very old links were bogus) but for some reason the recovery of the database from the hacked server induced some encoding issues :/ – which I’m not sure how to solve (and may not be worth the time). This brings back to a big question: this…read more