Is Google Glass Dead?!

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I’ve been a Glass explorer for 6 months now. I often get asked “what is Glass good for?” Let’s face it: there is no good answer to that question. Glass is obviously a platform to explore wearable and hands-free computing. From that perspective, the platform is mostly up to the challenge. However, after 6 months in the field, the platform falls short of killer apps that would justify wearing glasses as opposed to simply pulling out a phone. Turn-by-turn direction is probably the only app that really takes advantage of the platform, since…read more


SEO, How You Have Changed

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I’ve recently been a part of a few conversations that have made me realize there are a lot of misconceptions about SEO. SEO used to be magic. There’d be guys with magic wands that were able to boost your ranking to the top of Google’s list just by tweaking a few tags here and there in your pages. Some dark wizards pretending to wield such powers still roam the web, but let’s face it, they have largely become extinct – or at least have evolved to become providers of best practices to improve your site as SEO technology has…read more


2 Weeks in #Glass

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It’s been 2 weeks since I got into the Google #glass explorer program – and I’ve been trying to wear the tangerine-colored 2.0 glasses as much as possible ever since I got ahold of them. Firstly: why did I get them in the first place? You may have missed this chapter in my personal history, but I worked on a virtual reality project called VR-WEAR some 5 years ago. While the project, which was very much like the Oculus rift but pre-kickstarter, did not get funded at the time (it was just after the…read more

Introducing the Fartbot

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This was a little challenge my kid and I set for ourselves: building a fartbot. Contrary to its name, it doesn’t fart (I can feel your disappointment) – it’ll end up being a mobile-controlled ghost-like robot that produces fog and awkward sounds. We just finished step one: making a bluetooth controlled moving platform – which ended up being pretty easy (thanks to the pile of tutorials out there, and awesome embedded platforms such as Arduino). We set up a build log on fartbot.co, so feel free to build yours too and let us…read more


M-Commerce for the Masses is About Mobile Web

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Every e-commerce website wants an app. But let’s face it: apps don’t do everything. Phones are getting crammed with apps that soon become forgotten and never get fired up again. Going mobile is a necessity though: look at all the m-commerce business giants such as eBay and Etsy. However, those who’ve been in business through the infancy of m-commerce have now all reached the same conclusion, and Ebay’s VP of marketing puts it bluntly: “eBay is not m-commerce or e-commerce, it’s commerce period,” says eBay Europe VP of marketing, Read more Apps…read more

The potential of Google Glass vs the reality

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The Next Web last week felt like a google glass meetup. All the tech hippies where there showcasing the latest toy from Google. Let’s face it – this toy rox. Augmented reality has been in our minds for decades. And while head up displays have been around for a while, no one has ever managed to produce a device that got as close as google glass to becoming mass market. But they are not there yet. Set aside the price point which I’m sure will drop significantly since the bill…read more


Why we need Google Reader

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Regular folks won’t even notice this or – worse – won’t even have a clue about what it’s all about. Today Google announced the End Of Life of google reader who’s been around 2005. For the regular folks reading me (are there any? 🙂 ) Reader was a tool to syndicate all your favorite RSS feeds and manage your reading lists. The core feature from my prospective was the ability to keep track of what had been read and what had not. It had dozens frontends aside from its own…read more


There’s no mobile or PC – only apps.

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I remember the days when thinking mobile was a real exercise where you needed to totally rethink your product so it can still being value to your users while surviving the limitations of the mobile itself: * ridiculously small screen * hectic Internet access * buttons and T9 text input * j2me or WML as sole way to display contents Building something reasonably useful on those platforms was a real challenge while flash and HTML were already rocking the place on the desktop world. But let’s face it, phones those…read more

Android: why it’s not only for the geeks anymore

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I’ve been an iPhone users since day 1 (literally). I’ve owned all google flagship devices since the very first one (I still miss the G1’s keyboard). And yet – I never told anyone to buy Android. Android is brilliant, it’s Linux, it’s open, it’s easy to hack, to toy with, it has everything a geek may want, including a compiler to build your java apps straight on the device, gazillion of hooks letting apps replace stock functionalities and hence a potential far beyond iOS. But apps on Android sucked. App…read more

Selling my AAPL stock

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Ok, I don’t have any stocks – I’ve been frustrated as a kid when playing with warrants, that was a casino-like experience that led me to think that stock market has little to do with the actual value of the underlying company. Anyways, Apple has changed We all love Apple (I’m actually a fanboy). Apple has been producing jewels that every tech kid has grown to love. No-one could resist the appeal of the first iPhones, the first iPad, or the amazing iMacs or Macbooks. All beautifully crafted products made…read more