Alternative Distribution Channels for games

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I was lucky to have been selected to speak at the iVentures conference in Toronto over “Alternative distribution channels”. Heather Anne Ritchie was an amazing moderator and my fellow panelists were awesome ( Jonathan Chan Sean Karoonian Tim Martin). I tried to share a few personal beliefs during that session: Each channel targets a different audience. Finding the right audience and the right channel for your game is essential to get it off the ground. The most important thing for a game is to be played. This should be the ultimate…read more


Tech as a Key Differentiator for Game Studios

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At the core of a great game are often outstanding game mechanics that one would enjoy doing over and over again. The mechanics are then intertwined into a story, adding art and music to make those mechanics sexy for as long as possible. Every new generation of hardware has enabled new game mechanics, thereby creating new generations of games. More recently, touch devices have brought us swiping, for instance allowing the throwing of Pokeballs or the slicing of fruits. Just as the Wii and its Wiimote brought us endless fun playing bowling or the Xbox…read more

Domain Names are Dead

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Wikipedia has an entertaining list of super-expensive domain name transactions. Over the past fifteen years it was indisputable that you needed a good name when launching a new business, including the associated .com and all the main local extensions in order to avoid trolling, if you wanted to succeed. A couple weeks ago as I was negotiating a domain name and the seller brought up that he had a complete extension collection, which is really rare. Last year I acquired 30+ extensions for actvt. A year later I feel stupid. I believe extension trolling is dead and…read more

Fighting Vertical Video Syndrome

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  I believe vertical videos are one of the worst ideas ever. The field of view only captures meaningless details and does not match how your eyes work. The video below makes an excellent point about why vertical videos are bad.   The only reason vertical videos exist is because it’s the most natural way to hold a phone while filming, and unfortunately that’s a fact. Holding a phone horizontally is obviously clumsy and unnatural. That being said, there are a few solutions: Get phone manufacturers to rotate the sensors in…read more

360 Degree Video: Wait ‘Til It Really Comes Around

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This post was initially posted on Mediapost Over the last few months there has been a lot of hype surrounding an immersive new type of video. Commonly referred to as virtual reality or spherical video, it allows the viewer to get a complete 360 degree view of an environment, and freely move their point of vision by tilting and turning their device. The buzz surrounding this trend is palpable — it feels like announcements of new 360 camera hardware, software, and videos come out of the woodwork on a daily…read more


Video as the Next Expression Challenge

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For those who know me, you know I have little talent when it comes to creating art. I’ve been working on it though, focusing on photography, learning techniques and recipes that have definitely helped me go from producing basic utilitarian memory-keeping pictures to more elegant images that actually convey some level of emotion. Some of them can be found on 500px.com and show that just by following a couple of rules anyone is able to create some eye-candy. Erasing time by Alexander Casassovici on 500px Recently I’ve been faced with a new challenge:…read more


Building an Automated Home with Z-Wave in 2014

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Ah, home automation – what an overworked subject. It’s been hot (or not) for 20 years. Truth is, home automation needs to be shelved as a meaningless buzzword that encompasses way too many ideas. As we just bought a new home, I was faced with the challenge of dealing with rewiring it so it matches today’s electrical standards (which is a very versatile concept). Fact is, wiring a home is a nightmare. You need to figure out early on which switch connects to which plug and then embed it deeply into your…read more


Is Google Glass Dead?!

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I’ve been a Glass explorer for 6 months now. I often get asked “what is Glass good for?” Let’s face it: there is no good answer to that question. Glass is obviously a platform to explore wearable and hands-free computing. From that perspective, the platform is mostly up to the challenge. However, after 6 months in the field, the platform falls short of killer apps that would justify wearing glasses as opposed to simply pulling out a phone. Turn-by-turn direction is probably the only app that really takes advantage of the platform, since…read more


SEO, How You Have Changed

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I’ve recently been a part of a few conversations that have made me realize there are a lot of misconceptions about SEO. SEO used to be magic. There’d be guys with magic wands that were able to boost your ranking to the top of Google’s list just by tweaking a few tags here and there in your pages. Some dark wizards pretending to wield such powers still roam the web, but let’s face it, they have largely become extinct – or at least have evolved to become providers of best practices to improve your site as SEO technology has…read more


The potential of Google Glass vs the reality

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The Next Web last week felt like a google glass meetup. All the tech hippies where there showcasing the latest toy from Google. Let’s face it – this toy rox. Augmented reality has been in our minds for decades. And while head up displays have been around for a while, no one has ever managed to produce a device that got as close as google glass to becoming mass market. But they are not there yet. Set aside the price point which I’m sure will drop significantly since the bill…read more