Fighting Vertical Video Syndrome

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  I believe vertical videos are one of the worst ideas ever. The field of view only captures meaningless details and does not match how your eyes work. The video below makes an excellent point about why vertical videos are bad.   The only reason vertical videos exist is because it’s the most natural way to hold a phone while filming, and unfortunately that’s a fact. Holding a phone horizontally is obviously clumsy and unnatural. That being said, there are a few solutions: Get phone manufacturers to rotate the sensors in…read more

Open Bidouille Camp – aka mini-Maker fair

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Last sunday was the first mini-Maker fair in France, the Open Bidouille Camp. Nice gathering for grown-ups & kids (and many grown ups acting like kids), around makerbots, mindstorm NXTs, kinexts, weird robots and even weirder servers in-a-box.Although I regretted the fat that it’s missing a few central element of the maker fair: awesome DIY kits to buy and build (on-site) as well as a hacker space to find help on personal projects (I have a couple ongoing which could have used some), this first edition was quite successful and…read more

Google maps indoor comes to France

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Google just announced on their google maps blog that lucky Android users in France (as opposed to sad apple maps users) now have access to indoor maps in a bunch of popular venues : Whether you use indoor maps to view the different departments of iconic French retailers like Galeries Lafayette Montparnasse, or simply to find your way to a fresh loaf of bread at the local Carrefour supermarket, Google Maps for Android can help you explore the great indoors. For a list of locations for which indoor maps are…read more

The startup curve

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I gave a talk at Telecom ParisTech earlier this week about business creation. One of the key points I tried to stuff into the wannabe entrepreneur’s heads was “IT TAKES TIME”. I wish I hadn’t missed Paul Graham’s startup curve as it beautifully illustrates the point. Stephanie usually says that creating a business takes 3 years:Year 1: shape the idea, Year 2: develop it, Year 3: learn to sell it.


I’m a certified Ice Diver!

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In my quest to becoming a better scuba diver – and discovering more scuba fun stuff to do – I took the opportunity of an empty flat in Tignes to drive there with kid and take the “ice diver training course” taught by Alban (and Monche + Vince). The 3-dive training session both introduced me to dry-suit diving and to the do’s and don’ts of ice-diving. First time I put the dry suit on, and sat on the icy entry hole was the oddest experience ever : it’s not cold…read more