Alternative Distribution Channels for games

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I was lucky to have been selected to speak at the iVentures conference in Toronto over “Alternative distribution channels”.
Heather Anne Ritchie was an amazing moderator and my fellow panelists were awesome ( Jonathan Chan Sean Karoonian Tim Martin).

I tried to share a few personal beliefs during that session:

  • Each channel targets a different audience. Finding the right audience and the right channel for your game is essential to get it off the ground.
  • The most important thing for a game is to be played. This should be the ultimate measure of success.
  • Blockchain will be transforming our industry deeply – those who don’t invest in it now and start thinking how games will be changed by it will be missing out on a big opportunity.

Finally, let’s keep in mind that the game industry has always been one of the most innovative ones, pushing the boundaries of any piece of digital tech ever invented – without ever fearing to break things. It’s going to be so fascinating to see what’s next!