Fighting Vertical Video Syndrome

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I believe vertical videos are one of the worst ideas ever. The field of view only captures meaningless details and does not match how your eyes work. The video below makes an excellent point about why vertical videos are bad.


The only reason vertical videos exist is because it’s the most natural way to hold a phone while filming, and unfortunately that’s a fact. Holding a phone horizontally is obviously clumsy and unnatural. That being said, there are a few solutions:

  • Get phone manufacturers to rotate the sensors in the phones by 90 degrees. This option is unfortunately pretty unlikely unless someone takes the initiative.
  • Crop the videos from vertical to horizontal: easy to do since the latest sensors are 4k (3840 pixels × 2160 lines) it’s actually possible to get an HD 1080p horizontal video out of a vertical 4k video. The horizon app, for instance, does just that – I would love to see something like this embedded in our phone’s native camera app.
  • Turn vertical videos into horizontal ones by adding a blurred background. This is how the TV does it – the issue with this approach is that it makes the content look tiny and unappealing.
  • Move to square videos, which are a lesser evil and do provide some interesting immersion capabilities.

What do you think about vertical videos ?