Video as the Next Expression Challenge

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For those who know me, you know I have little talent when it comes to creating art. I’ve been working on it though, focusing on photography, learning techniques and recipes that have definitely helped me go from producing basic utilitarian memory-keeping pictures to more elegant images that actually convey some level of emotion.

Some of them can be found on and show that just by following a couple of rules anyone is able to create some eye-candy.

Recently I’ve been faced with a new challenge: sharing my experiences as a runner or a scuba diver. It turns out the logging platform I use to record my experiences is great for personal use or for sharing with the respective community of active practitioners, but way too complex for people who are not into this specific activity to actually get it.

The pictures weren’t enough either – they were missing the context and ended up being too static and limited to help me tell my story.
Even animated GIFs seemed like a better option than stills when it came to telling a story.
So I started looking into the video option, but while I managed to get a quick hold on the do’s and dont’s of photography – video turned out to be a completely different level of challenge.

I started filming more footage with my phone and my GoPro, which ended up taking way too much space on my Dropbox. Of course watching the unprocessed footage turned out to be very boring – I needed to edit.

iMovie was an excellent starting point: but being able to create a short & engaging video that would combine my footage and contextual data to share my story turned out to be pretty difficult and pushed the software to its limits really fast.

It took me a while to realize that the music was an essential part too, and finding something snappy that would accommodate an unknown clip duration while providing a start, a middle, and an end turned out to be challenging. The Vimeo music store was a great start but would not prove enough.

The big boy tools such as After Effect are really out of the league of the casual videographer. When I searched online for examples of videos that would be as cool as the amazing pictures I saw on 500.px, I came to realize that I probably wasn’t the only one having trouble making great videos.

So – do any of my readers have any ideas as to how one make it happen without the need of a full team to shoot the footage and another team to edit it?