Is Google Glass Dead?!

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I’ve been a Glass explorer for 6 months now. I often get asked “what is Glass good for?” Let’s face it: there is no good answer to that question.

Glass is obviously a platform to explore wearable and hands-free computing. From that perspective, the platform is mostly up to the challenge.
However, after 6 months in the field, the platform falls short of killer apps that would justify wearing glasses as opposed to simply pulling out a phone.

Turn-by-turn direction is probably the only app that really takes advantage of the platform, since whether you’re driving or walking pulling out your phone to check the next turn is a nuisance.
Beyond that use case, I’m pretty much clueless… I was dreaming of facial recognition software that would pull out cards on the people I meet (or just memorize when we met with speech to text of our conversation) but that’s forbidden by the ToS.
I was dreaming about interactive lego building instructions (or any other repair/build instructables) to keep the hands free in the process, but the usability of such attempts remains rough.

After 6 months, the question remains: did we lack imagination, is the platform (mostly the screen definition and little battery life) limiting? (I don’t think so.) Or is this whole augmented vision thing simply not for the consumer?

I still think that the platform has a lot of potential. Its initial position as a “notification” device was totally wrong in my opinion: the Google watch will be a better fit for that purpose. But the lack of ideas and innovation on the platform is worrying. Here’s the biggest list of Glass apps I could find – not really compelling.

Last but not least, the lack of firmware updates along with the bad quality of the latest firmware (reboots, sluggishness) are not helping its case.

The only sure thing about Glass is that in the US it’s the best ice breaker ever. Doesn’t work so well in France though!