Android: why it’s not only for the geeks anymore

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I’ve been an iPhone users since day 1 (literally). I’ve owned all google flagship devices since the very first one (I still miss the G1’s keyboard).

And yet – I never told anyone to buy Android. Android is brilliant, it’s Linux, it’s open, it’s easy to hack, to toy with, it has everything a geek may want, including a compiler to build your java apps straight on the device, gazillion of hooks letting apps replace stock functionalities and hence a potential far beyond iOS.

But apps on Android sucked. App developers were focused on iOS, making amazing experiences, and Android was getting the “good enough” treatment. Multiple screen sizes, a rough google play store with a complicated check out process and a poor country coverage where too much for the companies to invest on this platform as much as deserved.

Zendesk iOS

Zendesk Android

But it seems like 2012 was the year when everything turned around for Android. Incredible devices along with a more mature Android native experience got incredible powerhouses in the hand of more and more people. With a retail price less than half of the iPhones’ Android phones sure have a lot to offer (and Apple sure makes a nice margin by overpricing their phones). And after cooking and stabilizing their iOS apps, companies turned to Android and massively improved their existing apps. I recently moved back to Android, and all the apps I used to love on iOS not only are available on Android but actually do look better and are more feature-full through deeper OS integration.




So yes, if you want a new smartphone, it’s time to move to Android, it’s cheaper and better. (get a nexus 4 !)

As for the tablet, Apple built with the Newsstand something that has no Android equivalent. I love reading all the scuba magazines that get released anywhere in the world straight from it – and I’m only waiting that Google provides something equivalent to move to a Nexus 10 or nexus 7 tablet