Selling my AAPL stock

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Ok, I don’t have any stocks – I’ve been frustrated as a kid when playing with warrants, that was a casino-like experience that led me to think that stock market has little to do with the actual value of the underlying company. Anyways,

Apple has changed

We all love Apple (I’m actually a fanboy). Apple has been producing jewels that every tech kid has grown to love. No-one could resist the appeal of the first iPhones, the first iPad, or the amazing iMacs or Macbooks. All beautifully crafted products made with love that would last forever (literally, they have been my most solid pieces of tech).

For a few months now we’ve been witnessing a change. I’m not going to put it on Steve Job’s EOL, but it certainly has sped up the change.

  • Product releases are now merely tech upgrades with beautiful keynotes to get them to sell. There has not been anything new for years now (aside from CPU bump, bigger screen….) and some of the key issues of the iPad such as how it can be used as a productivity device have been left unsolved.
  • Quality has decreased drastically. While they pressure their subcontractors to prevent any scratch on the iPhone, the internal components are on the cheap. I just got my 3rd replacement retina Macbook Pro in 3 months, and it still has hardware issues  (the keyboard is buzzing while backlit which is a symptom for low-quality condensators inside…) (previously I had one of those LG screens with image retention and now I have a Samsung which flickers….)

I have the feeling that Apple has morphed from a company striving to build the best products to make our life easier and enable us to do more into a corporation taken over by employees only interested in the performance of their stock and less about making a change… that’s sad