Chess and running – busy sunday !

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Busy sunday with a chess tournament and the 20km of Paris run.

My first real chess competition ( 2h for 30 moves + 1h K.O.) … lost the game in the middle game when I thought that doubling a pawn was worth to let me keep the paca and increase pressure…. 17. d5? was a deadly mistake…. after that move it’s been a fall to hell. The opening did a great job confusing the opponent but he found the proper sequences and kept cool and was very precise in his defense, I rushed a bit too much and lost patience after 2 hrs in the game I guess, need to work on that !

20km of Paris was tougher than expected, mostly because of the heavy rain throughout the race. Shoes were soaked, I was soaked… and although I tried hard to keep the 4:30/km pace after the first half I had to slow down the pace to stabilize at a slower 5:00 and < 160bpm… killed me to not be able to keep on full speed ahead, I guess I need more trainign too (and more sleep too probably). I still finished up in 1:41:14 which is pretty decent considering the run conditions.