roll up your sleeves and start hacking

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I’ve had those endless discussions with corporate guys, who basically would not understand life outside a big corporation (along with career plans and such).

The most amazing revolution over those 10 last years, is that you know can build anything you want with limited to no budget.

Want to build a device? Hack an Arduino
Want to build a website? Get a text editor
Want to do business globally? Load linkedin
Want to build a game? Download Unity

Wether you’re an engineer or not, building stuff and hacking your way to create your idea has never been so easy… and cheap. The only thing required is passion for the product you’re building and that passion is what will make it possible for a couple of guys in a garage to actually overrun huge corporations with endless budgets and cohortes of subcontractors.

I loved watching the documentary Indie Game : the movie which perfectly shows my point : how a bunch of passionate people can build amazing products that sell. And Kickstarter has taken full advantage of that paradigm shift betting that more and more passionate people will be able to create amazing stuff.

This also changed a lot entrepreneurship as a “job”. 10 years ago it was about raising money, growing your company, hiring, doing business… Now I feel the ways have changed and a team will spend much longer self-financed (or lightly bootstrapped) building an awesome product and building a community around it before even starting to consider funding – if they even need it.

You now have a choice, you don’t need to raise money or be in a corporation to get to build your ideas – just roll up your sleeves and start hacking.