Twitter on the move: twitter ads and international

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Looks like things are starting to shake up for Twitter. After growing to 500M users (half of Facebook.. so it must be worth 50B right ?).
Anyway today, the long-announced twitter ads program opened up – and I managed to get my way in! Although promoted tweets have supposedly been around for a while for big corporations, I personally never encountered any – maybe I should consider using more the website than clients crawling the Twitter API.
The Titter ads for small business are really simple to setup : If you’re in the US or Canada, head to, setup a billing mechanism, and you basically have two choices from that point :

  • Promoted tweets : Those will select the latest tweets you did and put them in the timeline of non-subscribers.
  • Promoted account : This will list you account in the list of accounts that you should consider following.

With the promoted tweets, you must be cautious to remove tweets that may not direct users to a conversion funnel – otherwise you’ll be just losing money by sending them… anywhere else. Used accurately it will direct users to a conversion funnel on your website and serve as user acquisition mechanism.

The promoted account will bring you followers, thus increasing your reach but not necessarily the number of your followers. To be efficient you should ensure that your profile is explicit enough and a welcome message to new followers will come in handy… and make sure you feed the followers with tweets they’re prone to share.

While the whole mechanics feel a lot like Facebook Ads to me, I find it way more expensive than the latter:

The like is here price 5/8=0.625USD and the click 0.35USD… while on Facebook, and with very little to no optimization (we’re not really using ads for marketing, just as a way to play with the mechanics and gain experience) we have a cost of acquisition of a follower at 0.06USD … 1/10th to twitter !!!!! Moreover the Facebook followers are highly targeted (they all are scuba divers) whilst I’m not sure of the quality of Twitter’s … maybe it’s just some random twittos that loved the Diveboard logo.

But bottom line, Twitter is getting into the ad game… ages after google or even Facebook, but still seems like they’re finally trying to grab some money from (small) businesses trying to reach out to new customers. Which means big changes for twitter, as they are now obviously going to have to expand¬†internationally¬†with local offices and local sales and support force, which will undoubtedly bring a new side to the techie company