Ksso.net is back from the dead

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After 2 weeks down (the server got hacked and closed without any notice by online.net ) and after looking at low-cost yet feature-full hosting options, ksso.net is finally back online ! I took the opportunity to also clean up the image links in the database (some very old links were bogus) but for some reason the recovery of the database from the hacked server induced some encoding issues :/ – which I’m not sure how to solve (and may not be worth the time).

This brings back to a big question: this blog started in 2005 – Feb 19th to be precise – and god it has changed a lot along those 7 years. Yet blogging has changed a lot too – becoming more professional, more organized. Some massive players have conquered a large audience on very vertical subjects and the place for personal blogging has gotten smaller and smaller. Commenting the news is futile, providing in-depth analysis is über time-consuming, talking about personal life is boring, bragging or complaining is useless… What’s left to the occasional blogger ? sharing passion and thoughts in a “lighter” form than what the verbose blog used to be.

Thus the evolution of this blog into something lighter – closer to a tumblr form factor – and closer to the daily concerns rather than a pompous why’s why analysis. At least that how I feel today !