Customer service matters

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customer service Customer Service has evolved a lot on the Internet over the last 5 years. The likes of Zappos have set a new standard over how users/customers (let’s call them users for more simplicity) expect to be interacting with an online service.At Diveboard we implemented 3 strategies over how we want to be interacting with our users :

  • Open various communication channels for users to give feedback : mostly through our Facebook page or Uservoice ideabox and make sure to mark our presence there and interact actively with the users
  • Process help tickets in less than 24hrs. Most of the time we answer them in less than an hour ensuring speedy issue solving
  • Engage proactively with a customer upon signs that he may be experiencing troubles. This is currently done manually

Although Pascal had doubts over the last point, after a year of proactively engaging our users one thing is sure : they all LOVE it ! This has helped to solve number of issues before having to get the user through the additional hassle of opening a support ticket.

This kind of behavior has become somewhat the new standard for online services, and anything below that standard now feels unprofessional. That was my feeling for instance this week with hobbyking’s customer service. A poor zendesk interface, an average time of response of 3 days, the guy responding did not have access to my account !?!? thus requiring from me extra work to get support…. which made them basically loose me as a customer.

As with the building of your web service, the customer service is one of the most crucial side and must never be overlooked. It’s a big part of the soul of the entire system, and just as you focus on the customer when building your service you should keep him at the center throughout the whole flow… which does include customer service and keep on trying to make his life easier especially when he’s in trouble.