The New Ipad : I expected more usages and less technology

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ipad 640 hero

I’ve been an iPad user since day one, and I believe tablets are way superior to laptops when it comes to consuming media. Watching a movie, reading a magazine (and accessing all the foreign magazines in a few seconds thanks to the newsstand…), reading newsfeed (I’m a lover of the reeder app), browsing the web…

Yet every time I tried using it as a creation tool it failed painfully. Creating keynote presentations, pages documents, writing code… all the usual stuff are still no good on that platform.  Every time I try using keynote the simplest operation which would be granted on a regular computer becomes a massive pain. The only thing that get actually easier is the “drawing” or “sketching” on apps such as Adobe ideas.

Apple launched yesterday its new iPad, featuring a retina display – and yet although I’m an Apple fanboy I’m left wondering why I should upgrade from my iPad. Will I be able to do more stuff ? Probably not. A few tech bumps (retina display, A5x) do sound appealing to a tech geek, and yet if those 10 last years have thought us something it’s that processin power or screen resolution do not create any new usage or experience.

I liked discovering yesterday the Android AIDE toolkit which enables to develop and compile android apps straight from an android device:

From my prospective that kind of tools are symptomatic of a healthy ecosystem where both creation and consumption can happen. Of course the experience is still very rough but that kind of trials will undoubtedly lead to some significant UX breakthrough in computing that will evolve touch-based devices from mere interactive screens to fully-functional computing platforms..