The Blu – Earth’s global interactive screensaver

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TheBlu is a curious company. They like the underwater world, have a team of all-stars on-board (Joi Ito, Andy Jones…) and have been crowdsourcing for the past few months 3D models of fish.

Initially I though it was about demonstrating that 3D design could be crowdsourced (instead of using farms of chinese people) but maybe it’s not about that after all..

This week at SXSW they’re announcing the beta release of an interactive screensaver based on the models they crowdsourced… and it’s beautiful. As a scuba diver I could probably spend the whole day switching from one view to another and following each and every fish as they smoothly swim in the Blu.

I still don’t get what they’re up to – but I totally love what I’m seeing! Grab your copy here

Screen Shot 2012 03 08 at 9 42 53 AM