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Diveboard: track, share and explore scuba diving

Diveboard's logbook

I’ve been really silent lately, and it’s not that I’m slacking – far from that ! Actually I’ve ben busier than ever, maybe even busier than at the first days of Wavestorm.
Over the past few month I’ve been busy defining and building Diveboard.
Some of you know I’m a big fan of scuba diving. Jean-Charles, my associate a Wavestorm introduced me to it in 2005 and since then I got really hooked to it. As a computer geek, I love metrics and I’ve always been very frustrated not to be able to easily share my dive profiles and experiences with my friends online. I basically wanted something like a Runkeeper for scuba diving, but with some more features enabling dives to find new spots and dive into fellow divers’ experiences.
There was nothing like that to be found (or old web1.0 unappealing websites) – so we built one !

We opened Diveboard last week following the “launch early” adage and it’s already taking up pretty fast ! (we just passed 1000 fans on our Facebook page, the site has already far more traffic than this blog and we made up some pretty cool connections with the industry.

There are still a lot to do before we can actually launch the site (and by launching I mean communicate broadly) yet everyone is welcome to start using it – and we value your feedback !