VR-Wear’s dream lives on

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One of my previous projects, VR-WEAR, died 2 years ago. Financing of the prototyping phase failed  – happens, was the crisis and anyways the prototype was still expensive and probably a bit to in advance… For those who don’t remember the idea was to create a set of virtual reality devices enabling strong engagement in video-games both enabling immersion and interaction with sensors monitoring facial expression, eyeballs motions and body language. We built proof of concepts of the headsets and the glove and bound the sensors to Second Life enhancing the avatars with their puppet masters body language.

VR-WEAR's Demo Kit

This year at CES2011 are showing that the vision I had still lives – and we’re getting closer and closer :

  1. Microsoft announced that “Avatar Kinect” is coming to the Xbox 360 and will apparently be a place where you can virtually hang out with your “friends” using the ability for Kinect to detect facial gestures like eyebrows, smiles, and laughs.
  2. Sony unveiled a crazy 3D prototype of Head Mounted Display  with 720p OLED displays and 5.1 sounds (no price nor release date)