CES 2011 – My list for Santa

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Promise, next year I’ll be at CES again ( missed it 2 years in a row – this just can’t be happening anymore !). But I kept a pretty close look at the gadget show and selected a few stuff that put me in awe. I’m gonna skip the analysis side of the CES since the Internet is plagued already by gazillion of those explaining why 2011 is the year of tablets (which I disagree – imh a Tablet without apps is useless – I almost never use the browser of my iPad ).

The 50-cent headphones just rox. Firstly they are wireless using a dedicated tiny dongle to transmit the music , secondly the materials used to build them are splendid. They’ll probably replace my beats by dre when they reach EOL. www.sleekby50.com

The Nike+ sportswatch is super-nice. Although I’m not a fan of the Nike+ service, I do like the device made by tomtom for Nike.

I’ve been willing to put my hands on those Olympus micro-4/3 cameras for a while now and with the new Olympus E-PL2 that feeling even got stronger. This baby must take gorgeous underwater pictures with good housing and lights.

The latest Sony PJ camera series is pure awesomeness with its built-in pico-projector. It’s definitely useless but so cool!

The Razer switchblade may be the most interesting device I saw at CES. Super-small form-factor, OLED keyboard with keys customizable to match dedicated in-game actions and a good CPU/GPU mix letting you play PC games. I totally can see myself play WoW on this device !

The skype camera plugin for Sony Bravia TVs. The coolest video-conferencing setup I could have imagined. and at a slice of the price of those über expensive telepresence setups.

The Griffin CarTrip is a bluetooth device connected to the ODB-II port of your cart and running efficiency diagnostics giving you a performance dashboard of your car – all that for 89.9USD. Hope we’ll be able to change the settings of the car from the iPhone to put som boost in the engine (yes it’s possible). This is really one of the coolest hack-my-car app i’ve seen in a while. iTSX has been showing the same thing for iPad and apparently they do provide some modding capabilities. but at a hefty 350 USD price.

Samsung’s flexible and transparent displays are opening up possibilities for more awesome new types of devices hopefully for 2012.

It’s not really a CES gadget but the Ustream LiveU Mobile package used by Techcrunch to stream live the show is some amazing backpack. Stuffed with 6 wireless modems, it gave their firewire camera streaming capabilities throughout the whole show

The latest Microsoft Surface table “V 2.0” is something quite amazing, slimmer, support up to 20 simultaneous touches, can scan pages laying on its surface and a price drop at 7,500USD makes it pretty desirable. I’m sure those devices will have a great future and change the way we interact with computers, but it’s still at least 5 years away from us.

The Liquid Image Xtreme Sport Cam goggles let you snap Full-HD videos underwater on-the-go. The setup is pretty impressive and let you go down 100m with them. Only drawback, it’s a just a gadget, there’s is no way you can actually take decent pics without proper aiming and the long-range videos can’t be enhanced by the 2 small lights on the sides… still pretty fun to see !

Last but not least, the iCade which started as an April’s fool prank on Thinkgeek apparently actually got real ! If you haven’t followed the story, it’s an  arcade cabinet where you can fin your iPad in and play old MAME-style games. Estimated retail price of about 99â?¬.