Apple becomes a Mobile Operator

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… Maybe ! At least there are a few signs that are intriguing. Facetime only working with WiFi, no on-board WAN module on ANY Macbook… I really wonder if the day Macs will come with on-board WAN it won’t be with an Apple worldwide data-plan. Actually it makes sense – apple is a digital company where data connectivity is at the heart of most of their recent products. They have reached a worlwide critical mass of users and know their adoption rate, they own the hardware and can control its behavior and model it – maybe they are the only one actually able to build a real MVNO operator focusing on data connectivity.

Just a tought but that would actually make sense (or at least make users scream !! ). Below a screenshot showing that you can now call a mobile from your Mac (if the mobile is WiFi connected) and do a Facetime session – pretty wild !