Arducopter full kit

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In case you didn’t notice I grew a special interest lately in UAVs and RCs. Maybe it’s just my frustrations as a child towards those pricey grown-up toys. Anyways I’ve been following for a while the activity on the DIY Drone site and got pretty amazed by what the team has accomplished in putting together an admirable platform for quadcopters.

The project is based on the OpenSource Arduino platform and is delivered as a fully open source project . The platform has an impressive feature list with extensive telemetry, autopilot and autostabilization features (check the full list of the features below!)

Today the project just got to the next stage as they released today their first full kit as pre-order. I spent hours last night trying to find all the part on various RC-dedicated websites and it was a huge pain, this announce could not come at a better time (just the day I bought a Futaba FF9 on ebay).

ArduCopter Platform Feature List:

  • 6 Degree of Freedom IMU stabilized control
  • Gyro stabilized flight mode enabling acrobatics (loops and barrel rolls)
  • GPS for position hold
  • Magnetometer for heading determination
  • Barometer for altitude hold
  • IR sensor integration for obstacle avoidance
  • Sonar sensor for automated takeoff and landing capability
  • Automated waypoint navigation
  • Motor control using low cost standard PWM Electronics Speed Controllers (ESC’s)
  • On board flight telemetery data storage
  • Mounted camera stabilization capability
  • Wireless command & telemetry for long distance communication
  • Capability to fly in “+”, “x”, quad, hexa and octo configurations
  • Battery level detection
  • User configurable LED flight pattern
  • Capability to use any R/C receiver
  • ArduCopter Configuration and Ground Control Software
  • Realtime graphs of flight data
  • GUI for configuration of PID and other flight parameters
  • On Screen Display (OSD) integration, (coming)
  • Waypoint programming using Google Maps, (coming)
  • Mixertable view to auto configure “+”, “x”, quad, hexa and octo configurations, (coming)
  • Due this is a community product, features can change without any notice!