Windows Phone 7 competition

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I attended the Windows Phone 7 competition today at Microsoft France and it was a really interesting experience.

It was the first time I actually witnessed Steve Ballmer live – the guy is such a show man ! Energy and passion are just fusing out of him.
The panel of judges was something too, including Marc Simoncini, Xavier Niel and Jacques-Antoine Granjon.

The applications were imho pretty dull though : let’s face it there was nothing new there. The tower defense game who won the competition was a nice realization but just like the others it’s an over-used concept. The only obvious thing is that just as usual when a new platform is launching it’s an opportunity for new players in a given field to join the battle. In the case of the iPhone some who went that road actually became quite huge (think tap-tap revolution vs Guitar Hero).

Nevertheless I think this application perfectly demonstrated THE killer feature of WP7 : the common gaming platforms between PC, XBOX, and WP7. The Xbox is on of the best product ever made by Microsoft. XNA is a simple (and almost free) development language that lets you build games that will run on all those platforms, thus you can expect WP7 to really surf the gaming wave. With numerous game studios familiar with the platform (although not using so much XNA except for indies) this open up a real opportunity for convergence and seamless multiplayer gaming within the Microsoft ecosystem, all with very little investment to adapt contents from one platform to another.

Can’t wait to see what this platform becomes (and to actually hold a phone running WP7).