Backup, Lock, Locate and Wipe for Blackberry

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RIMâ??s consumer-grade protection software for BlackBerry smartphones, dubbed Blackberry Protect, has just been officially announced. Rumored for months, the new service lets customers not attached to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server:

â?¢ Protect important information on a lost BlackBerry smartphone by remotely wiping or locking the device from your desktop
â?¢ Remotely add contact information to the home screen of a locked BlackBerry smartphone so it can be returned if found
â?¢ See your BlackBerry smartphoneâ??s location and pinpoint the current whereabouts of a lost or stolen device with cell tower and GPS device tracking
â?¢ Find a nearby misplaced BlackBerry smartphone by remotely activating a loud ringer
â?¢ Back up data from your BlackBerry smartphone (including Contacts and Calendar; Memos and Tasks; Browser Bookmarks and Text Messages) over Wi-Fi
â?¢ Restore your data to a new BlackBerry smartphone, or simply switch from one BlackBerry smartphone to another

The application is currently in limited beta trial and no date for General Availability has been communicated