The Challenge of Displaying the Social Web

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GigaOM is running today a story called Yahooâ??s Big Plan for the Social Web in 2010: Aggregate It . Aggregating the Social Web is definitely something big for 2010, and obviously Yahoo is not going to be the only one trying this.

Obviously, we all are part of various social networks: some professional, some personals, some where we are active, some where we barely show up, all in the spirit of keeping in touch with our friends and following the real-time web. As such, the social networks websites are not the only place anymore where end-user are willing to check on their social activities. Better user experience, convergent activity view… all those themes open up opportunities for third parties such as software developers (Seesmic) or web portals (Yahoo) to stay in the game without the hassle of actually creating a social network.

Just like with the search, the user experience is a strong factor of adoption for a service thus opening opportunities to create value on top of those services.