Second Life Enterprise Edition

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Ampitheatre 8.jpg

This is something that has been cooking since Linden Lab’s 2008 partnership with IBM : an appliance for an Enterprise version of Second Life. The price is a bit hefty, 55KUSD, but for corporation with many remote locations who recognize the value of Virtual World to organize live meetings without the need of actually having people fly to a same spot, this is going to be a good value for money. The only drawback is that it still requires a 3D video card in your laptop to render somehow nicely (read, LL, please do invest more in your viewer!).

I hope F-Secure will try this soon, since this would definitely help save on plane fares and phone bills !

If you’re a corporation and you’re wondering what Virtual World could bring to internal communication processes, I suggest you read Thinkbalm’s reports on the topic who are more than insightful (I’ve been myself a contributor to some).