Hyper-Realistic Virtual Reality at Siggraph 2009

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Technologyreview has a nice cover of this week’s Siggraph 2009.
One innovative interface that really caught my attention is this work from INRIA merging camera analysis for precise motion detection and a HMD for full immersion. Results are stunning but as they say “A cluster of PCs is needed to perform the necessary image capture and 3D modeling”.
Indeed, camera processing is always a pain, as at VR-WEAR we developed a mod to the Second Life viewer using the webcam to analyse the user’s facial expression and paste it to his avatar, we witnessed some serious processing power trouble between our algorithms and the already ultra CPU-savvy Second Life browser. Anyway, can’t wait for these things to get mainstream and maybe game consoles such as Xbox 360’s Natal project will give enough power to let the mass market experience this level of interaction.