3D TVs everywhere

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Central hall was definitely overwhelmed by 3D TVs. Each major manufacturer including Samsung LG, Sony had their TVs showcased and happy visitors wearing glasses to try them out.
As you might now, there is a lot going on in the 3D movie world right now, standards for content creation and delivery are being heavily discussed by working groups that got fairly active in 2008, technologies for content creation are now ready and in 2008 there were 10 movies done in 3D while this figure is expected to at least double in 2009.
Vendors are now trying to get this experience into the homes.
To achieve that there are currently 3 technologies:

  • Shutter glasses, like the one sold by Nvidia, by doubling the frequency of the display from 60Hz to 120Hz to get alternatively the image for the left and then for the right eye. Requires an emitter to send the sync signal and batteries in the glasses
  • Polarized glasses, like in good old Disneyworld movie theaters. No sync and batteries requires here.
  • beamsplitter surface on top of the screen that basically sends every next pixel to the other eye. This requires being really in front of the TV and reduces its resolution

While those are probably valid solutions for an enhanced movie experience (while I still regret there is no way to be *inside* the movie), they really *POORLY* apply to video games in my opinion. As a gamer I expect immersion in the game and the 3D effect itself is not what truly matters in terms of game experience, it’s the availability to get immersed into a 3D environment with free move within the game.