Nvidia stereo 3D shutter glasses

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P1090014.JPGHad an interesting talk about stereo vision support by Nvidia today. As you might now, Nvidia has been releasing last year a driver that supports 3D stereo vision through shutter glasses. The previous version of this driver was released 2 years before, as such the Nvidia policy over that feature was far from clear. When I contacted Nvidia a couple months ago about that they would answer “we’re not planning on integrating this feature into the main trunk driver”. Today it seems they changed sides.
They were showing on their booth branded shutter glasses that have been released yesterday and can be bought online here. The glasses retail at 199USD and require special 120Hz monitors to work properly (only 2 models currently available) and they are selling a bundle glasses + monitor at 598USD.
When I asked about eyewear devices support such as Vuzix’s, surprisingly the answer was “we want to keep it mainstream, we thing eyewear devices are not mainstream but shutter glasses are”, and “eventually we may find a way to deal with the vendors for supporting their devices”. This is pretty disturbing as I really don’t see changing your monitor to be able to wear shutter glasses any mainstream an approach… But what’s for sure is that the stereo support will now be a standard within Nvidia’s drivers… an other piece in the stereo 3D games puzzle!