Head tracking in Second Life

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There is something that I’ve been missing in Second Life for quite some time now… Have you noticed how impersonal the avatars are in SL ? They move through mechanical gestures with no real link to what the person behind it is really doing. I gave a few keynotes inworld and it’s really a pain to see that as a speaker your body language and your attitude just don’t reflect at all your words. As body languages transmits so many useful information which are currently lost when in SL, I though it was time to act.
The VR-WEAR team has been working for a couple of months on integrating cool signal processing abilities to the SL client which is now able to connect to your computer’s camera and analyze your head motions in real-time.
Below is a short demo video of tracking my head moving “Yes/No”. We’ll be releasing in September a full load of cool emotions/motions filter that will give your SL avatar a more human look.
This project will be released under a dual license (GPL-like for non-commercial applications) – so if you have some mad skills that you think could be useful and want to give us a hand, don’t hesitate !

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